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Minggu, 22 Januari 2012

marketing research process

What is the marketing research process?

The marketing research process are the six steps that would compile a marketing research survey.

Marketing research process steps

  • Indentifying and Defining the problem

This step needs to be performed before moving onto anything else. Basically ask yourself what has to be done.

  • Developing your approach

Once you have identified the problem you can move onto the approach you would like to take according to the environment you are in. This should also involve the team you are with and their skills. You could draw up an analysis of your whole project and what need to be done.

  • Research Design

This is the step you need to think about the most. Some people will contact research market companies for this step as it is the most vital. Information such as questionaire samples, design and data analysis will be captured in this step.

  • Collecting of Data

This is the process where the data is collected and the different ways depending on what is suitable to you.

  • Performing Data Analysis
This can range from a simple to a more complex project using various tools . It depends how the survey was compiled.

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