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Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

My Trip And Uniqueness Thailand

Walking like football player .with high spirit as undergo worldcup final .eleven of us will face it.My name is ringga.One of part eleven team from surabaya , Indonesia. We get scholarship from my government to study in Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi.I think this opportunity not come secondly.and this time is right time from me to changes more better than before. And i ready to open new world in Thailand. For get my destination , i must leave my job and my family.i think hard choice. But i can be autonomous if i leave indonesia.

Precisely, Last month on 21 December 2012, We were depart from surabaya to thailand by Air Asia Plane at the Juanda Airport.so in Indonesia we study in Surabaya city , Exactly University of bhayangkara Surabaya ( Ubhara ).This story begins when me follow test selection. The participant about 50 student. I represent night student.my campus have two session .Before this , I always work at morning and i study at afternoon.Return to test , Everything student must attend internak test. The test divided two type, such as english test and personality test.Finally , the result have eleven student , include me.

Started from Juanda Airport . The plane take off at 04.00 p.m. This journey is first time for me go to other country.and My destination is Thailand. We get dual degree in there.We Must study for three years in indonesia and the rest in thailand for one year.and hardest job is finish mini thesis.we occur two faculty, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Engineering.Back to the plane, many activities happen in there. Moppet from indonesia sing happily . that very contrast with women in front of him. The women face very red , arrest something in her mouth. She look fatigue.And some of our choose sleep.a lot of funny incident occur in the plane.during three hour trip , we arrived in second airport , The name is Suvarnabhumi Airport , Suvarnabhumi Airport has an area of 20,000 Rai(8,000 acres), situates on Bangna-Trad Road, Km 15. And is 25 km. far from Bangkok.And The uniquennes of Suvarnabhumi airport is Aviation Control With 132.2 m. in height, it is the world’s tallest aviation control tower, fully equipped with state of the art technology air traffic service, to handle 76 flights per hour.and never forget with hospitality from Thai student and lecturer Bupha.they want wait me for several hour.

And other uniqueness from thailand is smile . although they tired because we arrived at night in the airport , they always smile and happily answer our question. So thank very much to thai student and lecturer bupha.so at the time , we enjoy night life of thailand scenery. We happily see night scenery of thailand from the plane.So beautiful light scenery.until now, we only go to bangkok , Rangsit and Thanyabury. I hope next time , i can enjoy other wonders thailand. And next my travel plan are Pattaya Beach , Ko Larn , phuket Beach and friend still wait me. Thank for your attention.bye bye.

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