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Minggu, 04 Maret 2012

Auto Wash Business


Business English Usage 2


DATE: 3 March 2012

ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Auto Wash Business

If you will start your business , I think you must choose business that you like , such as Make your hobby became your business , and You can choose best prospect business today . You must carefully and always see market. And I choose Auto Wash because I Think This business is the best for three other business . I look auto wash ‘ website and see their program . I think it is good business . And this business can stay long time , more and more transportation in a country , make our customer also increase. And This business sell service for your transportation . the auto wash strategy are use best vehicle washing system with fastly , safety , effective a nd the important is environmentally friendly way. In Indonesia , The Vehicle Wash business only use manual way and cheap price , but the weakness is slowly , not perfect clean and maybe human error from the wash staff. And This business can became leader market in Indonesia with best service.

The Auto Wash has combined experience of over 25 years installing, servicing and operating vehicle wash facilities in Australia allowing AutoWash to provide totally integrated solutions to exceed the requirements of any car, truck, train and bus wash system. All AutoWash Systems use recycled water for its car washes using an AutoWash designed sophisticated recycling drainage water units that filters water through the most advanced recycling technology systems ever built to remove vehicle sludge from water run-off, allowing it to be re-used efficiently without compromising the quality of wash. In addition, our specially formulated detergents and waxes are designed for water recycling and are all pH neutral -so that they don’t affect vehicle paint surface or the environment. The extensive AutoWash product range includes: traditional roll-over wash units; wash tunnels / conveyor systems and self service wash systems for cars, trucks, buses and trains. As part of its totally integrated washing solution, AutoWash also offers Additional products such as water recycling systems, detergents and waxes;, vacuum units and modular pre-fabricated vehicle wash bays.

This is my analysis about The Auto Wash business :

Strength :

- High Quality services use the best wash machine.

- If production car increase , our customer also increase.

- High technology decrease error. Fast , safe and effective and environmentally way.

Weakness :

- High cost , need big budget for start up new venture.

- High cost for maintanance , repair machine.

- The price is Expensive , only for rich people.

Opportunity :

- Can became Market leader , because no serious competitor.

- Next Plan is dominating Indonesia market.

Threat :

- If the machine error , make our business stop , very depend with wash machine.

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